1% BUYING Advantage Explained:

Buy your next home with us and we will REBATE you 1% of the PURCHASE price, including NEW Construction towards your Closing Costs, if we don't SAVE you at LEAST 2% OFF of the list price!

1% Buying Advantage is unbelievably simple. Use us to help you find a home and we will represent you in the transaction. You not only get 1% of the purchase price towards your closing cost but also a Top 25 Realtor®️ if we don't save you at LEAST 2% off of the list price, it is truly that simple. You buy with us and you get 1% of the purchase price to apply to your real estate transaction if we don't save you money in negotiations! 

For example, our 1% Buying Advantage on a $250,000 home, would save you, the home buyer, at least $5,000 in negotiations off of the list price and or closing costs or incentives, if not you would get $2,500 towards your closing cost when you used us to represent you, even with NEW CONSTRUCTION!

*Total Buyer Commission MUST be over 2% and both parties must agree*


Using a REALTOR® to help you buy a home is FREE. There is NO Cost to you as the seller pays the buying agent, including NEW Construction! A great deal of time and research goes into finding the property of your dreams, and whether you are buying a condo or one of the many  Orlando pool homes for sale, you need to have a good understanding of the current real estate market. Many potential buyers find that the entire process is daunting without the help of a real estate agent.  Starting with the search and the negotiations, and ending with the signing of the contract and the closing. 

A home is one of the largest financial investments you will ever make,  which is why the 1 Percent Group can help you every step of the way.



Before you get to the fun stuff of choosing a property that you love, you need to create a budget by getting pre-qualified through a trusted lender of your choosing. Not all potential buyers have a lender they can connect with, which is why we can help you build a relationship with a  lender that we trust and regularly use. Pre-qualification is always the first step to establishing your finances! 

Once you have a budget in mind, we can get together one-on-one and discuss what is most important to you in a home. We believe it is crucial to meet in a comfortable setting such as your current home or a local coffee shop so you can tell us your wants and needs. After letting us know what you would like to find in a home, we can compile a list of current properties that meet your criteria and help you through the process of elimination while scheduling prompt viewings.

Whether you are looking to find a property where you can grow as a  family or you are looking to make passive income through an investment, We know how important it is for you to have the help of an expert with plenty of knowledge about the local Orlando property market. We guarantee you that I can help you find the perfect home anywhere in Central Florida that meets your price point, preferred location, and criteria.



After we have taken you on plenty of home tours and have allowed you to understand the pros and cons of each neighborhood, We will make sure you are presented with all of the facts to help your decision-making along. Once you agree on a property, We will draft a purchase offer that will allow you to make any contingencies. We will not only serve as your negotiator with the seller, but we will help you make a fair offer based on a comparative market analysis.

In 2019 we averaged a TOTAL savings, including negotiation of $14,335 per transaction, we were able to save our home buyers a TOTAL of $360,408.67!

REMEMBER: We will Help with Closing COSTS!