1% Listing / 1 Percent Listing Package:

We know that Technology has changed the way most shop for real estate. You are able to see homes for sale in a specific area with the click of a mouse or from even your phone, and information is readily available if you know where to look!

With 1% GROUP, "Discount" and "Full Service" go together.  Our 1% listing option does not mean we provide "lower quality," "do it yourself," or "limited service."  In fact, we will give you the same type and quality of service you would find with traditional real estate brokers, which includes professional photography which we pay for, no cancellation fees, and so much more. Our motto is "We make less, so you can SAVE more".  Now if you would prefer to spend more in advertising and leverage more technology we do provide a Traditional Listing package as well.

Basically, we love what we do, we are efficient at what we do, and our passion for real estate is unsurpassed! So it's easy math for us to be able to pass the savings on to you! We represent you and your best interest from start to finish!

It is funny when you look at it. We can save you THOUSANDS of dollars selling your home, especially when considering to sell to IBuyers (be careful with the fees)! It is nice how things are changing in the real estate world and great to be on the front lines of change. While most other real estate agents may not think so, --we do (and hope you do as well). 

Since we began, our team have saved our customers OVER 1.5 MILLION dollars! Don't believe us, think it is too good to be true? Call for more details to find out what over 200+ Central Florida buyers and sellers already know! Call NOW!

Our mission is to provide a Win/Win situation when selling your home, the Only catch is we want you to tell ALL your friends/family/coworkers about us and our team! We are forward thinkers and need your help to spread the word!

1% Listing Features:

FULL SERVICE + $495 FEE Includes:

▪️All Pre-Listing Activities ✅

▪️Listing Appointment Meeting ✅

▪️Prepare All Documentation/ Paperwork for Listing - Electronically Signed ✅

▪️90 Day Listing Contract with NO Cancellation FEE ✅

▪️At Least 3 Open House Commitment During 90 Day Listing ✅

▪️Prepare All Documentation for Entry Into the MLS System - Electronically Signed ✅

▪️Professional Photography Photos - 15 Pictures Minimum ✅

▪️Provide Electronic Lockbox ✅

▪️Install Our Post and Sign (HOA Rules Permitting) ✅

▪️Put Listing on MLS and Over 100 Different Websites (Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, ETC. ✅

▪️Provide Monthly Market Updates via Email (Sold, Pending, Active) ✅

▪️Add Listing to our FEATURED Listings on Our Website ✅

▪️Marketing Budget - Case by Case ✅

▪️Promote Listing on Our Multiple Social Media Platforms ✅

▪️Provide Weekly Updates or as Information is Available ✅

▪️Receive/ Review/ Negotiate All Offers ✅

▪️Review Pros and Cons of Offers and Provide Our Professional Recommendations ✅

▪️Fully Signed Offers Will be Delivered to All Parties Involved ✅

▪️Track the Life of the Loan Process ✅

▪️Coordinate Buyers Home Inspection ✅

▪️Review Home Inspection Report and Address as Necessary ✅

▪️Coordinate Appraisal and Provide Comparable Sales and Upgrade List ✅

▪️Closing Preparations and Duties ✅

▪️SOLD ✅ 

**Add-ons are Available from our A La Carte Menu**

**There are Bundling Options Available, Specifically for Photography**